today 1-7-18

😕So, I have to ask myself, do others in this world feel a sense of dysfunctionality like or similar to what I do? I would like to find out. So I am putting it out there; let's just see what happens. "Okay. I think I will."  So you ask yourself, does this woman talk to herself in her blog, texts, emails, other written words other than words that only she can hear? "Oh yes, she does!!"  So first off, what really is dysfunctionality about? Just about anything one can think of I'd say.
Going about ones day in a bit of a cloud? Going about your life wondering ones own purpose? Not seeing what God's will is for your life? Loving or not loving yourself? Liking or not liking yourself? Getting over yourself.   REALLY???? Normal: Why be? or What is? Functioning without a real sense of functioning? Just about anything YOU see as dysfunctionality, it's your own, so own it or not?
​Today is a day that my Lord has made, and for today, I am glad, SherylK      😉  back atch…
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